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Dawn of the CBD Beers

Sep 27 2019
From the same brewery that brought you Ginseng Beer-Made in the Shade Ale, comes a new never before drank beer, one everyone is going to want to try. Meet CBD Kolsch, oh, you don’t know what CBD is? Well, your friendly neighborhood Blogmeister is here to explain everything.

How Partying Saved Lederhosen & Dirndls

Sep 17 2019
It just isn’t an Oktoberfest party without attendees wearing dirndls and lederhosen. And like everything, this traditional German garb has an origin story. We are going to tell it to you, but first we have to go back, back to the 16th century.

Bull Falls Oktoberfest journey

Sep 10 2019
Your drink it, but have you ever wondered what goes into making it? The truth is, our gold medal winning Oktoberfest is a lot of work to brew, more than any of out other beers. But it is always worth it in the end. So let's examine the journey the Oktoberfest makes to get to your glass.