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12/13/19 7:00 PM — 10:00 PM

Clay Foley and his 'Born This Clay Comedy Tour' land in Wausau!

Clay Foley has quickly become one of flyover country's more compelling comedians. With an easy style and knack for turning a killer punchline, Clay describes his human experience. Four decades of life recounted thru the lens of a middle-aged, vegan, former animal cruelty investigator.
Clay performs at venues across the country and is co-host of The Laugh Lab on 92.5 WREE-FM.

Larry Smith is irreverently reverent, honest but joyful, and an educated dumb-dumb. From hallucinogen-induced sword fights, to blunt discussions of fatherhood, to the best ways to protect yourself, he leads you on a journey from one failure tale to the next. His optimistic candor and gruff-but-personable demeanor will make you feel less like you're at a show and more like you're having a beer with an old friend.

$5 admission
*some adult content*