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By bfbadmin on 5/25/2016 8:25 AM
Bull Falls Brewery and Country Fresh Meats have partnered to create a bratwurst made with the ever-popular Five Star Ale. 
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Bull Falls Brewery brings home two Golds and a Silver!
Five Stars for this Bratwurst!
Karmel Kaisers Return to Bock Fest
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I thought I was looking at my kitchen! I have the EXACT same cabinets- thermofoil! They are doing the same thing- peeling etc, although they are so easy to clean. they do not hold up. We are going to redo our kitchen within next year. BUT I am staying with the white (only in painted wood) because it is so fresh looking. For 28 years I had nat birch and nat maple and when we moved 7 yrs ago I loved the feeling I felt when I walked into this kitchen, it was so light & airy. I like what Diane selected. I really would think twice about going to a darker cabinet, lighter is more cheery esp in winter. I want a subtle but darker quartz, the color of wood, for the countertops. The current kitchen has , get ready…a white acrylic sink -you put a pan in it and you get the silver marks evrywhere and the counter is white 4″x4″ tiles with dk green grout UG ! So unsanitary I spend 10 min every evening cleaning it with a bleach solution. I prefer stainless steel sinks. They are so easy to clean. I adored my triple sink I had in the other house. I used the 3rd bowl as a drainboard so there were never drying dishes or pans on the counter. The kitchen always looked neat. Don’t forget recycle bins. Do try to get WALL ovens thet are dual, convection & regular in one. You’ll be so glad that don’t have to bend over with hot air in your face.again! They are so much safer as we get older too. For $99 try out a Fagor 20″x20″portable induction cooktop! They are unbelievably FAST. I think you may be able to get one at the kit store at I-40 & 240. 2 cups of water boil in about a min. There is a 2 induction & 3 radiant unit I’m looking at as I don’t like gas. Well, Good luck, have fun, & I agree, this is up there wll almost!!…with the birth of children!
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